My name is Bryant and I live and work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

I am passionate about making games, and I love playing them. I have been developing games professionally since 2011 and have worked with an exciting variety of different technologies and teams of amazing people both large and small. I have been on teams as a Lead and as a Consultant. Projects I have worked on have ranged from small scoped 2-4 month development as well as a project that has spanned several years.

I am a graduate of Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in Game Development. I specialize in using Unity game engine and C# code programming, but also am experienced in C++.

If I don’t have a skill needed for a task, I’m quick to seek it out and learn it. I believe being able to teach myself how to do something is one of the most valuable things I learned in college, and it has reaped many benefits in my professional career.

If there’s anything else you would like to know, feel free to send me a message!